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Train like a pro and become the fastest most dynamic athlete on the field or court!

Cornwall High School 

"Joey Greany is a passionate professional who values the importance of training the athlete for both peak performance and health maintenance. He designed an unbelievable 12 week program for our High School baseball athletes that was structured, progressive, and effective. I have noticed a distinct difference in the way our players move both in a straight line as well as change of direction. I could not have been more excited with the results of completing this program!"

Tiffany D.

"Coach Joey helped my son make improvements to his running time. He also improved his running form along with helping him become more physically fit. Coach Joey was very thorough, and showed he genuinely cared for my son. We were quite impressed by the program, and support Coach Joey gave our son. Coach Joey helped to not only make our son a better athlete, but helped to improve his confidence in his running. We are extremely grateful for Coach Joey, and would highly recommend him."

Trevor P.

“Coach Greany is an incredible motivator and extremely knowledgeable in the field of strength and conditioning. His ability to motivate student athletes and design workout plans according to their sport are incredible. He brings new techniques and introduces his clients to the cutting edge of strength training. He has the ability to bring athletes to the next level with drastic results. I look forward to continue to work with my players and improve their overall performance. I highly recommend coach Greany to any athlete looking to get to that next level.”

-Trevor P.


I spent the last two decades enhancing the physical performance of elite professional athletes from all over the world. I have worked with athletes in many different sports and now I want to help you take your game to the next level!

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